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I am Ann Vanatta Gutierrez.  Writing a bio is awkward...


here's the skinny:

enjoy the colors of life.  recycle and up-cycle stuff.  smile.  paint.  take photographs.  doodle.  make the world a better place.  giggle.  see the beauty in everything and everyone.  be compassionate.  be passionate.  say please and thank you.  create.  give.  shine.  over-tip your bartender.  be original.  be weird.  laugh.  go barefoot.  fill your garden, heart and home with vibrance and whimsy.  type in all lowercase letters to annoy grammarians & linguists.  wear comfortable clothes.  savor cheese and chocolate.  mix it up.  love your family.  do your homework.  play.


words to live by:

"If you don't like something, change it.  If you can't change it, change your attitude."  

~Maya Angelou~


"... as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same."

~Nelson Mandela~


"Always do whatever's next."

~George Carlin~


the other stuff:

i am a multi-media artist native to Englewood, CO. i create unordinary things out of everyday stuff and LOVE what i do for a living.  i've always had a knack for repurposing items and an adoration of swirls, spirals, vibrant color, and things that glow in the dark. (all flowers have some type of glow!)  the word "eclectic" has been used to describe my style.  so have the words "odd" and "bizarre", but i take those as compliments! call my work whatever you want... i have fun!!


i started painting with acrylics many years ago, primarily to decorate my own home.  i've enjoyed photography since way back when you had to actually develop rolls of film.  most of the prints i make are original photos of the 3 dimensional art i've made.  most are digitally altered by me in some way.


my garden collection arose from my severe lack of horticultural prowess.  i kill plants.  there's no malice involved, we just don't get along.  so... why not make some bright and shiny goodies for my yard out of surplus office supplies, items headed to the recycle bin, and odd things i've collected over the years!  i take great care in strategically placing each pin and coiling each wire.  some of the "big girl" flowers have upwards of 900 pins each!  the up-cycled water bottle bouquets stemmed from the bin as well... trash to treasure, baby!


after years of creating things and having my family and friends say "you should sell your stuff", i finally utilized my business degree (Trinity University, San Antonio, TX) and created halfpeeledbanana fine art!!  the name originated from my only tattoo and growing up nicknamed Anna Banana.  i am elated to kick off this new adventure in hopes of spreading a little love and splashing a little color around!! i would love to fill your garden with my flowers, your home with my art, and your life with some extra vibrance and whimsy!!


and last, but in no way least:

i didn't get here alone!  a HUGE shout out goes to my unbelievable family, the sisterhood, and close friends who have always had my back!! an extra-special-GIGANTIC shout out goes to my parents, all Vanattas North, Jules, my hubby, and my prodigious 10 year old twin boys!!  you are my world & i love you with everything i am!!



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