for the owners of new flowers:


although bright and shiny, your new flowers are not light sabers, magic wands, kitchen utensils or any other tool or toy. they may contain sharp objects or edges (i.e. pins) & could possibly become a choking hazard if you decide that they're edible (they are NOT)!!

not intended for young kiddos. i am in no way responsible, neither personally nor legally if you choose to use your items in any way beyond their intended use (as art to be on display)!!

please enjoy your art responsibly!


flowers are water resistant, but not waterproof. to extend the life of your flowers, give them shelter in the case of extreme weather. They are also fade resistant, but not fade proof. a bit of shelter should keep them bright and shiny for seasons to come.  a light dusting or quick cold water shower can help if your flowers become extremely dusty.  if possible, let them dry upside down, as standing water on your flowers will eventually decrease their lifespan.

if you now own multiple dandi style flowers... try to keep them from getting too close to each other, as they tangle easily.  if they do become a bit too romantic, gently wiggle them while holding one stem  in each hand.

for the owners of new bling:

please do not expose your bling to extreme heat or submerse in water.  i would never dare to ask you to refrain from the hot tub... but please remove your banana bling before doing so!

if you are the proud owner of a BENDERMAN... please bend them gently, as excessive manhandling may lead to an unfortunate breakup!  please be aware that if overstretched, the arms and legs may expose a pointy wire end.  careful... it's pointy!

owner of a new Pin Pot?  It's made with PINS.  =POINTY.  The pins should remain secured unless they are exposed to excessive heat or water.  PLEASE DO NOT WATER YOUR JEWELRY...even if it looks like a flower!



all photographs and prints on are protected by copyright law.  please do not reproduce, copy, or otherwise steal my work. thanks.


the goal of my art is to provide you with a daily smile and to brighten your home, garden & heart. if you are dissatisfied for any reason, please contact me so I can make it right. I do not accept returns, but would gladly replace your purchase with a different creation.

have fun & enjoy the colors of life!

thank you for supporting my art habit!