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How should I care for my flowers? 

All flowers are water resistant, but not waterproof. To extend the life of your flowers, give them shelter in the case of extreme weather.  They are also fade resistant, but not fade proof.  A bit of shelter from direct sunlight and constant moisture (rain or snow) should keep them bright and shiny for seasons to come.  They can handle the elements, but too much of any extreme weather will lessen the lifespan and vibrancy of your blooms.

Light dusting or a quick cold-water shower can help if your flowers become extremely dusty.  If possible, let them dry upside down.  Do not fully submerge them in water or dunk them in the pool.   Treat them as art, and they will respect you back!

Can I buy flowers directly online? 

Not just yet.  Currently only prints are available online.  Don't let that stop you!!  Even though it takes more than a few clicks, I would absolutely LOVE to create your custom flowers for you!! 

So how do I order and pay for my flowers? 

For the best results, and to make sure that you're getting what you want... you can contact me here, via email ann@halfpeeledbanana.com , or by phone/text 252-573-3533 (2525PEELED). That way, we can make sure we're on the same page, can talk about expected creation/completion timelines, and collaborate to make your flowers in your size with your colors and your style in mind!

Expect to be invoiced for 50% or more of the sale price before I begin creating your goods.  The remainder will be collected when you approve of the final results and the flowers are in your hands. 

What if my flowers stick together or get tangled? 

If you now own multiple dandi style flowers... try to keep them from getting too close to each other, as they tangle easily and like to mingle with each other.   If they do become a bit too romantic, gently wiggle them while holding one stem in each hand.  Be patient... sometimes it takes a little while. 


Although bright and shiny, your new items (especially flowers) are NOT light sabers, magic wands, chew toys, kitchen utensils, or any other tool or toy.  They may contain sharp edges or objects (i.e. pins) & could possibly become a choking hazard if you decide that they are edible.  THEY ARE NOT!! 

Your flower purchases are not intended for young children, adults acting like young children (regardless of sobriety level), or animals/pets.  Please visit the Limits of Liability section contained in this site's Terms and Conditions. 

In other words... 

Please enjoy your art responsibly!!



How do I care for my bling made from upcycled plastic containers? 

Please do not expose your bling to extreme heat or submerse in water.  I would never dare to ask you to refrain from the hot tub... but please remove your banana bling before doing so!  

Why isn't the bling I see in retail shops available for online purchase? 

Bling may be available online at some point... stay tuned.  Each piece is so distinctly different from the next, so keep stopping by my stockists' shops or visiting me at various shows to purchase your one-of-a-kind banana bling.


How and where are my prints printed? 

Giclée print sizes up to and including 8x10 are printed in my studio on top quality acid free glossy photo paper using archival quality inks. 

Larger prints and lustre/satin prints are processed locally at a professional printing shop on gallery quality acid free glossy or lustre photo paper. 

All prints are personally inspected and packaged with great care by me before heading out the door. 


Why isn’t the print I want available in certain sizes or finishes? 

Certain prints lose their photographic integrity if they are cropped too much or printed too large-scale.

In order to give you the "full Monty", some sizes are unavailable or are printed with a white "padded" border (primarily 5x7s and 12x18s). See the specific product's photos for detailed expectations.

Certain prints are only available in one type of sheen because they are limited quantity prints, and are most likely already in inventory instead of being printed per order. 


What will my prints look like? 

If you order glossy prints, they'll be glossy.  If you opt for lustre, your print will have a gentle sheen or soft glow but will not be reflective or shiny. 

When ordering, if the print size in the drop-down menu has an * (asterisk) next to it, typically 5x7* or 12x18*, the print will arrive with a white border or “padding” around the image to maintain the quality of the image.  Please look at the additional photos of your print on the website to see a preview of your final print design. 

When you add a print to your shopping cart, you will be asked if you prefer to have your print signed or unsigned.  If you choose YES/SIGNED, your print will be tastefully signed on the front of the print, typically on a bottom corner with a metallic archival ink pen.  If you choose NO THANKS, your print will be clear of any markings on the front of the print, but may include halfpeeledbanana information on the back of the print so you can recall where you purchased your rockin' new décor. 

All prints will have some sort of marking on the back of the print to remind you of where to buy your next fabulous piece.


have fun & enjoy the colors of life!

thank you for supporting my art habit!