Your Keys to the City

"My piano" has been painted!!


she's on the 16th St Mall

between Curtis & Champa in front of Rialto Cafe

Being involved in "YOUR KEYS TO THE CITY" has been an incredible experience!!

Our live painting day on the Mall was just a blast, and I want to thank all of the friends, family, and strangers who stopped by to visit!  You made me even more proud to be a part of making our town a little brighter!

The pianos will remain on the mall through the end of September

so be sure to stop by and tap out a tune or two!

word has it, you might even make a few bucks in tips!!

I would love to see pics and videos of YOU rockin' out, so please feel free to share on social media with the hashtag #halfpeeledbanana

Thank you Downtown Denver Partnership ( for the opportunity!

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