snow peeps!!

I've been busy making...


these homemade little peeps are an eclectic mix of new or gently used (and cleaned) socks, skirts, jackets, my kids' outgrown clothes, and fabric.  they are styled with buttons, my grandma's old clip-on-earrings, various bling, and flower buttons I've made from Shrinky Dinks!


each one has their own personality and outfit.  they stand approx. 5"-7" tall. no two are the same, but they're all buddies!!

gotta' get your hands on these one of a kind morsels of love!!

Contact me if you would like to place an order!!

I will work with you if you would like a certain color scheme, or would like me to incorporate some of your family's antique jewelry or fabric!!

Let it SNOW, man!