Unlisted Market... here I come!!

I am crazy excited!!

Later today I will be moving into a great booth space @ Unlisted Market on University and County Line!  (across Univ from American Furniture, in the Guiry's complex).  Named one of "The Top 5 gift shops in Denver" by The Denver A-List in 2017, Unlisted boasts a fabulous line up of nearly 100 vendors... everything from fun snacks to a new scarf!  It is also LADIES NIGHT OUT!!  The first Thursday of each month from 5-8pm, Unlisted offers free refreshments (read WINE), food tasting, and some vendor sales. It's a fantastic time all around!

The BIG GIRL flowers will be there!

Please come join me in celebrating and shopping!!  I'll be there along with my mom, my prints, tabletop flowers, stemless flowers, banana bling, and even the "BIG GIRL' garden art flowers are finding a new temporary home!!  I am very proud to be the newbie in the shop, and would like to thank @UnlistedMarket for the opportunity to join such a unique clan of artisans!

Come out to play!!

Ladies Night Out

July 6th 5pm-8pm

8262 S University Blvd.  Centennial, CO 80122   www.theunlistedmarket.com



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